About us


As a long-standing legal establishment, WONG AND CHAN has grown into a cross-border law firm mainly targeting at commercial, corporate, and real estate-related cases and clients’ business developments and operations in Hong Kong and also at the same as related to Mainland China, with our specialty in cases relating to real estate matters, inheritance, commercial litigation, intellectual property and above all the practice of commercial or corporate laws and corporate finance.

Over the years, we have also assisted our clients in listing applications in various jurisdictions, including, among others, Hong Kong, and London on the LSE and AIM market, Frankfurt and Singapore. Several companies and institutions (including governmental bodies) in Hong Kong and/or in China have appointed us as their Hong Kong legal advisor in various commercial and corporate aspects of legal practice in these years.


With the rapid growth of the China legal market and our legal experience in Mainland China, and in order to better serve our clients in our professional practice, we have set up our Representative Office in Shanghai with the formal approval by The China Ministry of Justice.  The address and contact details are as follows:

Address: Rm.2403, 24/F, Mingshen Centre,3131 Kaixuan Road, Shanghai 200030, China
Tel: 8621-5407 1528
Fax: 8621-5407 1590
Email: wongandchan@vip.sina.com

In order to strengthen our China practice, we have also formed (with the approval of The Law Society of Hong Kong) our formal association with JIN MAO P.R.C.LAWYERS, one of the most well-known leading law firms in Shanghai, China.  In addition, we have fostered close informal associations with a number of reputable legal firms with our extensive legal network in China.

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